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Top 6 Benefits Of Spin Class

Top 6 Benefits Of Spin Class

Here’s the deal

Indoor spin class helps you burn a ton of calories, improve your heart health, and build muscle.

A cycling workout is the perfect way to improve your physical and mental health. Not only are you going to get a killer leg workout, but by the end of class you’ll have a steady stream of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins.

It gets better:

This high intensity workout can have you burning an average of 600 calories or more in just one class! Regular spin classes combined with healthy eating will help you shed body fat in no time.

Mia west Spin Class

The bottom line:

There are endless reasons to sign up for an indoor spin class! Maybe you love bike riding, but the weather prevents you from being able to ride daily. Perhaps you are looking for a more structured, classroom setting to help you stay active or motivated. Or maybe you’re just looking to switch up your workout routine.

Whatever your reasons, here are the top 6 Benefits of spin class

1. Relieve Stress

Exercising in general is known to relieve stress. However, a spin class can be a more efficient stress reliever compared to many other forms of exercising because it’s a high-intensity cardiovascular workout.

An indoor spinning workout will increase endorphins and improve your mood! From the music, social environment, and an instructor pushing you, a good spin class never seems to have a dull moment.

2. Burn a ton of Calories

A 45-minute spin class may allow you to burn around 600 calories, which is a huge amount compared to other types of workouts. The amount of calories you burn will depends on many factors, including the intensity of the workout.

You can adjust your bike according to the intensity you desire. Those who are working their booties off can burn close to 1,000 calories in a 45-minute class.

Mia West Active Burn Calories Spin Class

3. Low Impact Exercise

Spinning gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without putting pressure on your knees and joints. A spinning workout helps prevent injuries that can be caused by free form workouts, such as running, because it guides your movement to take pressure off your joints.

This low impact workout is especially recommended for those who are recovering from an injury or have arthritis.

4. Build Strength and Muscle Tone 

Not only will you tone and build muscle in your legs, but you will notice a difference in your glutes and core too! Your stationary bike will have adjustable tensions so you are in charge of how intense you want your workout to be.

Your trainer can indicate when to change the tension, or you can adjust it according to your abilities and fitness goals.

Mia west active Indoor Cycling spin class

5. Great for your Heart

Interval workouts are very common in spin class. It gets your heart rate up quickly and safely in a short amount of time. This type of workout promotes heart health and improves lung capacity, which reduces your risk for certain diseases, such as diabetes and certain cancers.

6. Spin anytime, anywhere

That’s right! You can benefit from a spinning workout anytime of the year. Most gym’s will have indoor bikes or offer indoor spinning classes. Don’t have or want a gym pass? There are several studios such as SoulCycle and CycleHouse that specialize in indoor spinning only.


We had the pleasure of getting in the studio with Micheala Gracie, an inspiring and motivational spin instructor at TruRide.

This short video, focusing on the life of a spin enthusiast, will have you signing up for spin class in no time!

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